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futurama panoramas Futurama Panoramas
Using stills from DVDs, I've stitched long, panning shots from Futurama together into single, extra-wide frames.

the love song of j alfred prufrock The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock
One of my favorite poems accompanied by a comic by Adrian Tomine, and an MP3 of a reading by the author.

adrian tomine artwork Adrian Tomine Artwork
Comics featured as subscription ads in the now-defunct Pulse! Magazine.

4 on the floor 4 On The Floor Video Clips
Snippets from the 80s sketch comedy show by The Frantics. You know, those "Boot To The Head" guys.

the goonies, 1985 & 2001 The Goonies, 1985 & 2001
Pictures of the cast of The Goonies as they were in the movie, compared with pictures from the 2001 DVD commentary. Also, a bonus video of the deleted octopus scene.

gloomy sunday Gloomy Sunday
One night I realized I had several versions of "Gloomy Sunday," the original Hungarian Suicide Song. Not satisfied with my meager collection, I scoured the net for more MP3s.
Update: As of 07/30/05, I have 34 versions.